Are you afraid of things that go bump-n-grind in the night? Black Tassel Boolesque strives to produce original, opulent shows celebrating the dark and decadent. The Queen of Halloween Eyrie Twilight, Mourna Handful–A Handful in More Ways Than Two–and the Va-Va-Voom Vixen Valeria Voxx, are ready to steal your soul with their spooky shimmy n’ shake.

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Our Favorite Show of the Year!

To the Nearly Departed,

Black Tassel Boolesque invites you to our annual Halloween show, CATS AND BATS CABARET!!! There will be burlesque, singing, and sideshow to make your mind shiver and your loins quiver with devilish delight.

Our creepy cast includes those tarts of darkness from Black Tassel Boolesque, EYRIE TWILIGHT, VALERIA VOXX, and MOURNA HANDFUL, who will raise your “spirits” as they put the boo in boobs; the death-defying demoness, REGGIE BÜGMÜNCHER, will make you squirm and squeal as she shows off her sideshow straight from hell; putting the “harm” in Charm City is the sanguinary siren, SOPHIA SUNDAY, who will lull you to your doom with her song; and our Disaster of Ceremonies, SWAMI YOMAHMI, will both tickle your funny bone and chill your blood.

So put on your finest bloody rags and dig up a date because missing this show will haunt you forever.

Advance tickets:

Date: Saturday, October 19th
Location: The Bier Baron
1523 22nd St. NW
Washington DC 20037
Time: Doors at 8:30pm, show at 10:00pm

Tickets are $10 in advance or $12 at the door. The show is 21+.

Poster artwork by Steven Warrick.

New and Exciting Adventures for the BTB Ladies!

Eyrie here, the occasionally negligent webmistress. Since our last update, the girls of Black Tassel have been incredibly busy bringing Sparkletits(tm) to the otherwise matte cities of Falls Church, Baltimore, DC and Philadelphia.

Mourna Handful successfully produced a fantastic tribute to the movies of the 80′s entitled “Pretty in Pasties” which was well received at the state theater and featured a whole host of talented ladies and gentlemen. She’s also played with the Evil Leauge of Ecdysiasts for Whedonism II in Baltimore… you’ll be able to catch her Dark Willow act in the near future when she’s up in Philadelphia for Beauty + Brains. <3

Valeria Voxx has been flexing her stage kitten muscle, playing with Twisted Knickers Burlesque, among others. You can catch her THIS SUNDAY at the Windup Space in Baltimore, performing with the fantastic Gilded Lily Burlesque!


I’ve away, doing *gasp* real life work. In the meantime, the most wonderful girl in the world (i.e- Reggie Bügmüncher) has been producing Beauty + Brains/Burlesque + Variety. Very excited to get back into the swing of things for the September edition, we’ve got a great lineup coming together, including a member of the Rigor Mortis Revue and a Nerdlesque specialist coming from out of town.

What’s happening in the future for Black Tassel? For one, we’re booked for next years Twisted World: Vixens and Villains edition, bringing you a Vaudeville revue (perhaps we’ll put the “evil” in Vaudeville…) and awesome workshops! More exciting announcements are coming soon!  <3


Adventurous Times!

May was a crazy month for us! Valeria and Mourna took the Asheville Burlesque and Sideshow festival by storm with the Carnivalesque cooch tent girls.  Eyrie performed alongside the White Elephant Burlesque Society at The Steampunk Worlds Fair. June isn’t slowing down, show announcements coming soon.

Mourna Handful is reppin’ D.C in KNOCKOUTS! The RVA vs. DC Tassel Tussle! 2 shows!

Its the GREAT I-95 SHOWDOWN – no we don’t mean the traffic – It is the DC Vs. Richmond Tassel Tussle!!!

Burlesque, bellydance and sideshow are battling it out in a fierce competition where you decide on the winner.

We’ve picked some of the best talent around to represent our respective home cities, and can’t wait to see how we stack up!

In this corner, representing DC, stands “Team Naughty Interns…”

Cherokee Rose, this captivating beauty who’s classic moves will knock you out!

Mourna Handful, this lovely, spooky, girly, will make you learn to love all things that go bump (and grind) in the night…

The Red Huntress, a phenomenal dancer, who’s strength and beauty will leave you breathless, and wanting more!

Crickett – New To DC, A Ringling Clown gone horribly wrong… glad he’s on our side!

And in the other corner, representing Richmond, VA, stands… ” Team Confederacy of Hotness”

Deanna Danger! “The Warrior of Burlesque” will conquer your heart with her sensational dance moves, and her outrageous routines!

Moxie LaBouche, This up and coming go-getter will tease, titillate, and thrill you!

Melody Magpie, A southern beauty who will use her charms to subdue the competition, and seduce the audience!

The Muse, This sinewy temptress brings wonder and magic to the stage as she calls upon ancient inspirations.

This battle is going to be gruesome, and may involve more awesome than you can handle!!!!

Our co hosts Hot Todd Lincoln and Dev L. Ish! will keep the competition fair and square, but are both known to be bribe -able, and pliable. So, Come on out and watch this epic battle between I95 rivals!


Tomorrow Night at The Bier Baron in Washington, DC


Black Tassel Boolesque presents a twisted take on happily ever after as we push the boundaries of fairy tales, nursery rhymes, and children’s literature. Irresponsible shepherdesses, warped candymakers, drunken gnomes, and a host of other perverted characters inhabit this once upon a time.

Bursting to life from the macabre underbelly of fairy tale land are Black Tassel Boolesque’s Fairy Gothmothers, EYRIE TWILIGHT and MOURNA HANDFUL, the hedonistic CAPTAINE CHESTY, the scandalous GLAM GAMZ, and the dark and delirious TAPITHA KIX. Narrating our story is the irreverent REVEREND VALENTINE and hiding the costumes and hoarding the props is stage gremlin ADDIE POCERE.

Advanced tickets can be purchased HERE

Tonight is the Night! Beauty + Brains / Burlesque + Variety = Win!

Beauty + Brains / Burlesque + Variety = Win!


Picture this: It’s the first Wednesday of the month. You have a choice – a night with your favorite Doctor, deciding between Firefly or Serenity, boldly going where none have gone before… OR

Celebrating Geek Chic and the Variety Arts at the Raven Lounge!

Enjoy a nerdy martini or a C++ cocktail and check out some of the best in Burlesque and the Variety acts with a +1 keen eye to all sci-fi, fantasy, comic and brainy, geeky goodness. This city is so full of amazing talent you’ll wish you had 30 lives. Brush up on your Classic NES knowledge for this months trivia game featuring FANTASTIC PRIZES ftw!

This month we’re bringing you variety from the sideshow geek of Old City Sideshow fame, Reggie Bügmüncher along with the gorgeous glowing director of Electrocute, SpoOky! Our shiny burlesque ensemble features the seductive siren Hayley Jane, the fandom queen and founder of Cosplay Burlesque miss Holly Ween, the gorelesque princess of Rigor Mortis Revue miss Morrighan Oh Tulle and your producer and spookshow gal miss Eyrie Twilight. Keeping our evening flowing is the lovely Candy Mayhem of the legendary Hellcat Girls and Dr.Sketchys Philadelphia! Miss Hayley Jane will be vending her wares alongside the luxe goods of LVX Vintage.

What are you waiting for? Get out to The Raven Lounge and TALK NERDY TO ME!

Doors at 8:30pm show at 9pm

Black Tassel Boolesque is Taking Over the World! :D

Well… not really, but the ladies have been getting into all kinds of trouble which Eyrie has failed to report to you, our huge following/readership.

First off, Miss Valeria Voxx is doing an awesome project in Baltimore titled “The Horror Hosts….. of Horror!” at the Yellow Sign Theater. You’ve missed the delightful Reefer Madness edition, but never fear, you’ve got 2 more chances to catch these delightful characters in the act!


Miss Mourna Handful has been all over the District, showing off her… “personalities”. You can catch her tomorrow night, debuting a NEW NUMBER at the Bier Baron in D.C.

The Evil League of Ecdysiasts, in their quest for world titillation and domination through nerdlesque, has assembled a diabolical cast of evildoers from across the Baltimore and DC area for a wild night of burlesque and variety, all from a nerdy point of view. Join ELE masterminds Cherie Sweetbottom and GiGi Holliday and some of their evil compatriots. We do the weird stuff–and you can watch.

Nerdtastic performers are:

Swami YoMahmi
Cherie Sweetbottom
GiGi Holliday
Mourna Handful
Glam Gamz
Melody Magpie

Raffle proceeds will be donated to help offset medical expenses for the charming trickster, Epic Win Burlesque’s Nelson Lugo. Get well soon, Nelson!!

Admission: $10 adv/dos
Advance tickets can be purchased at


Eyrie has been…. everywhere. Just gods damned everywhere it seems. She just got back from the Awesomeness of Awesomecon + Performing some Geektastic Burlesque with Reverend Valentine. This Friday you can catch her at the Sisters Burlesque Showcase, performing with some amazing Philadelphia acts including *gasp* MALE POLESQUE. Guh.


And, last but not least, This weekend at Twisted World- Divine Decadence you get to experience the nerdy glory that is Black Tassel Boolesque! We’ve got a hot line up for you, including Kitty Bermuda, Aurora Wells,  Holly Ween, Alice Tatters and of course Mourna Handful and Eyrie Twilight.


More is happening in the coming weeks. So. Much. More. AWAIT MY TYPING WITH BAITED BREATH!

Hot Todd Lincoln Presents April Fools! Burlesque and Comedy with Mourna Handful this Saturday!

Burlesque and Comedy at the Bier Baron

Hot Todd Lincoln has put together a cast of the most outrageous burlesque and comedy that you’ll find anywhere. Richmond’s Deanna Danger draws inspiration from picnics, and 80′s TV shows. Kay Sera assumes the persona of a Jon Waters character, and explores the deeper meaning of one of Queen’s most beloved hits. Maria Bella brings an 8 legged attack of awesome, while also making you rethink your attractions to heavy metal guitarists. Mourna Handful well make you a cow lover, while also taking you back to a time of opulence. The cast is rounded out by Tyler Richardson, a comedian who is well known in DC, MD, and VA, and who’s now NYC by storm with a casual tone, and friendly presence. You do not want to miss this show!

Photo by Cheryl Fair

Facebook event

Lord Of the Pasties INVADES BALTIMORDOR 4/7/2013!

“One Pastie to rule them all, One Pastie to find them,
One Pastie to bring them all and in the spotlight bind them.”

Mae govannen!

The grey rain-curtain of this world rolls back, and all turns to silver glitter and rhinestones! You’ve been asking for it and now it’s finally happening. After sell out shows in DC and Richmond, Lord of the Pasties is coming to your black gates, Baltimordor!

The Free Peoples of Middle Earth (and their oppressors) invite you to a celebration to rival all the feasts of Hobbits, Dwarves, Elves, and Men. There will be burlesque, bellydance, and sideshow featuring some of your favorite characters from Tolkien’s literary masterpieces “The Hobbit” and “The Lord of the Rings.”

This will be a blockbuster show sure to blow the top right off of Mount Doom. Not only are we bringing you members of the original DC cast but we are also bringing you members of the Richmond cast as well! Coming together from the lands of Middle Earth stretching between NYC and Richmond are

Buster Britches (Richmond)
Cheríe Sweetbottom (DC)
Deanna Danger (Richmond)
Hazel Honeysuckle (NYC)
Memento Mary (MD)
Mourna Handful (NoVA)
Oneira and Eugenia of Transcendence Tribal (Baltimordor)
Valeria Voxx (Baltimordor)

And leading the Fellowship on this sexy journey is our goblin hostess, Wedji Tucheeks (DC).

So if you’ve ever wondered what Elves wear under those long robes or what a female Dwarf looks like or if big, hairy feet can be sexy, then come to this show, whether by foot, by horse, or by Eagle!

***We will have a costume contest so dressing as your favorite Hobbit/LOTR character is highly encouraged***

The Windup Space
12 W. North Avenue
Baltimordor, MD

Doors @ 7:00 p.m.
Show @ 8:00 p.m.

Sadly, Miss Smaug will be unable to join the fun as she’s booked in the same city for a different show, more details on that bit of wonder coming soon. <3

And now, Eyrie as a Dalek.

May your day be SPARKLETITS! <3